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At last, the race is over. We came in fourth place, narrowly missing third place to Fellowship of the Van by under an hour. A $2 plastic ship spray-painted gold could have been ours! Congrats to Bloodshot and the Kilts who came in first and second place respectively. For our rookie event, I think we […]

It’s been accurately brought to our attention that our blog has become incomprehensible to the world outside of the Ravenchase Great America Race. With a day of non-racing under our belts, we recognize that the level of inside jokes and references made in the blog have reached levels beyond which anyone could possibly understand. Spending […]

We caught Team Lazlo engaging in some sort of strange, alien ritual.  Even our mad deciphering skills can not make heads or tails of this.  There is something strange going on in the background of this picture. Something very, very strange. Where’s the Fellowship, you ask?  Probably as far away from this as possible.

We take a break from our regularly scheduled blogging to inform you of a disturbing development: It appears that Team Lazlo does not consist of three separate humans, but are actually one unified creature. That’s right, team members Marcus, Lucas, and Karin are all one in the same. They are kind of like Voltron. Not […]

What happened to Panama City you say?  What happened to Panama City is what we say as well.  We rolled into town with 20 minutes to spare before today’s race started.  Earlier, we were told that Panama City would be a bonus day, with some puzzle games to win time back, and otherwise hang on […]

Finally on the Road we headed for Panama City. After making the highway, the GPS reported our estimated arrival time as 4:43am. Hmmm. Perhaps another plan was in order. We opted to press on until about 1am, find a hotel, then get some sleep before waking up early to make it to Panama City before […]

While slightly out of order, we wanted to make sure we brought this to the attention of the City of Savannah: they have a misspelled street sign in the city. In fact, we have reason to believe that all the signs along this street are misspelled–anyone who has consulted with the Goddesh of Richmond is […]