Day 0: Touring the Mall


We all arrived in Washington D.C. sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning, except for Scott who drove the RV across the country from San Francisco. That gave us Friday to do some sightseeing and poke around. We hit the Air & Space Museum, and then the National Archives. I’ve never been to D.C. before, so this was an added treat for me (Jeff) in particular.

While at the Air and Space museum I took this photo. We thought it a little amusing that the only thing in front of the museum store is a miniature Hindenburg with Nazi flags. This was a U.S. museum, right?


And here’s a shot of a few of us in front of some doors (that aren’t actually used) to the National Archives. It seems that these doors lead straight into the Rotunda where the Declaration and Constitution are held, and at one time I presume they actually used these.

Kudos to the architect who recognized that people were gradually getting taller, such that these doors would last for, oh, the next 500 million years or so before becoming too small for people to use.


(from left to right: Mike, Jeff, Phil)


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