Day 1, Stage 2: Richmond, Virginia


Back on our way, we were the last team to arrive in Virginia because of the flat. This didn’t affect our time, since they don’t restart the clock until you check in. We solved the clue en route that told us where to meet, got our new set of clues, and set off all around Richmond.


This stage was a driving stage, which meant we had to drive to various locations, and then hop out to solve the clue there. Driving around a city in an RV can be an amusing thing. At one point, we parked in front of a woman’s house, and she was out on the front porch. As I hopped out of the back, she asked “Am I on Candid Camera?” Ha!

There were four small scrolls we had to find that were hidden in locations the clues pointed us to. We found all four without needing any hints, although we wasted a whole lot of time looking for one of them in particular (we actually gave up, then returned later and found it). These four pieces came together to form a chess board with a clue. After spending over an hour messing with it, we had to give up and call in for the answer, giving us an hour penalty.

The good news is that no one solved that clue, and everyone had to take the hour penalty. The bad news is that we spent over an hour messing with it, and we should have just called in after not having any idea what to do 15 minutes into it. Ah well.

Apparently we were too tired to take any photos during this leg, so you’ll just have to trust me.

Despite a marginal performance in the second leg, we ended the first day in first place. Who knew?


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