Day 2: The Road to Charlotte, North Carolina


Happy to put the “Fiasco of the Slightly Flawed Clues” behind us, we were happy to set off for Charlotte, and start fresh. It’s a pretty good haul to Charlotte, so we had some time to work on the clue they gave us.


But, no sooner do we get out of Virginia than there is a giant car accident involving an overturned RV blocking traffic. We must have gotten there just slightly before they closed all lanes, as several of the teams got completely stuck behind that mess, instead of just slowed down like us. Then, down the road a little further was a hotel that had burned to the ground that afternoon, which slowed up the earlier teams.

We did our best to bust out our propaganda skills and convince the other teams that we had a turret mounted in the RV, and that if they tried to mess with us, they would share the same fate as the overturned RV and hotel. I’m pretty sure they believed us.

It was on this leg that we discovered the impressive (so they tell me) internet capabilities of one of the other teams, Lazlo Hollyfeld. At their blog, you can admire with awe their live GPS feed, quick wit, and most importantly, their link back to our blog.

We didn’t roll into Charlotte until about 9 o’clock, and there were still a couple teams behind us on the road. As a result, the Charlotte leg became optional and for fun only. In the mean time, we spend 3 hours trying to solve the puzzle we’d been given to no avail, and after this day we were more than happy to just call it good and meet at the pizza place for some dinner and beer.


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