Day 3: The Road to Nashville, Tennessee


The trip to Charlotte ended up being pretty pointless, due to the accident slowing everyone down to the point where the hunt was canceled. This really sucked, because we didn’t get to do what looks like it would have been a fun leg, and because the schedule had us off to Nashville first thing in the morning.We were given directions, but no clue, for the first part of the drive, with indications that we were in for “something different” along the way. The directions led us to Endless River Adventures, a rafting outfit in the Smokey Mountains.


We were told that each team had the option of having two teammates raft down the river and through some class 3 rapids (sounds scary, doesn’t it?). If you make it through without falling out, you get an hour bonus. If you choose not to try it, or if you fall out, you don’t get the bonus.

Scott and I volunteered to do it for our team, and we had a blast. In the end, the class 3 rapids weren’t all that difficult, but it didn’t stop us from celebrating with a team cheer of “LEROY JENKINS!!!” as we emerged from the final waterfall.

Team Lazlo would have you believe that they deserve some credit for finishing first, but don’t be fooled by those charlatans. There was no race aspect to the river, and we have exposed their pathetic attempt at bragging.

Instead, *WE* are the ones who deserve extra credit, first for finishing with the most style (just look at our command of the elements in this video!), and second, because we rescued the overturned members of Fellowship of the Van shortly before the final rapids.

Yes, you read that right. They overturned and got separated, and it was only through our fast actions (and the fact that we were immediately behind them), that we were able to get to them before any of the other 20 people in the area could spring into action. In those few seconds, we saved them from what very well could have been the deadly attack of an Australian croc or a great white shark. You never know.

In the end, I think Fellowship of the Van is the only team that fell in, and since it happened in the class 2 rapids and not the class 3, I’m not really sure that even counts. In any case, a successful rescue and finishing flair is worth at least a bonus half hour, our books.


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