Day 4: The Road to Atlanta, Georgia


Back on the road for a four hour drive to Atlanta. The clue in the car was pretty cool, and it actually worked. The blessings of the goddesh be upon us.


Also, and yes, this is a little out of order, last night when we checked into the hotel, I noticed this little sign on top of the toilet in the hotel. Nice scuba guy. While you can’t read it, it basically says this: Building code says that we had to install low gallon-per-flush toilets. Unfortunately, this means that if you are “using” the toilet, you’re probably going to back it up. We don’t want to come up to every room in this hotel, every time someone needs spend a little time on the throne, so please flush multiple times while you’re using it.


So, the government requires installation toilets that use less water (for the “common good” to be sure), but then to actually use the toilet you have to flush several times, using more water than you would have with a regular toilet. Brilliant! And now you know why we are Enemies of the Common Good. And of miniature scuba divers with plungers.


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