Things We Like (and a little of what we don’t)


Since we’ve been complaining about clues today, we thought it a good time to provide some balance and talk about what we do like. We’re headed for an Irish Pub right now, which is where the last clue for the day is taking us. Last night, we were at the Flying Saucer in Nashville, which we very much enjoyed. Cool atmosphere, a ton of draft beers, and a chance to hang with the other teams.

So things we like, in short: Hanging with cool people, cool bars, and beer.

In that order.


I bet you would have never guessed. 🙂

We’ve also had a great time solving the puzzles and hunting around for clues. Some of the clues have really been great, and a ton of fun.

The only real frustration has been the broken clues, all of which would have been discovered with one simple playtest beforehand. We don’t really want to be beta-testers, we want to be real customers. I think only one clue was so difficult that no one solved it legitimately. The others have all been simple errors that suggest things were thrown together at the last minute.

We’ve had our reservation since last December, so there really shouldn’t have been that much last minute preparation, right?


2 Responses to “Things We Like (and a little of what we don’t)”

  1. 1 Rich

    Great post guys. Very well put, and all but Mike on Bloodshot agree completeky.

  2. 2 CKL

    “all but Mike”? What’s Mike’s problem? Teetotaler? 🙂

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