Adventures in RVing: Mike saves us from not-so-certain death


I totally forgot to add this story yesterday, but it’s a classic. While fueling up the RV, everyone had hopped out except for Mike and I (jeff). I was diligently working on the blog, when a truck towing a long flatbed trailer rolled up along side us and slowly started making it’s way from our front to back to line up with the pump.

Mike, who was in the back with me looks up in shock, realizing that it wasn’t a truck rolling along side us, but that WE are the ones rolling forward, toward another truck parked right in front of us, and a certain T-Bone collision involving a ton of time and several thousand dollars.

Springing into action, Mike quickly thrusts himself over the back of the drivers seat, smashing his shins into the steering wheel, in order to jam on the brakes and prevent the impending disaster.

But of course, it *WAS* the other truck that was moving, not us. All an optical illusion. I looked up from the blog and thought, “Man, it doesn’t feel like we’re moving, but HOLY CRAP WE’RE GOING TO HIT THAT TRUCK!”

No sooner does Mike pretend to risk life and limb so as to gloriously step on the brakes and save us all, then Scott saunters over with the windshield squeegee and begins cleaning the windows, completely unaware of the near-death experience we imagined to have inside the RV.

I think Mike needs a little more sleep. This Ravenchase thing is getting to him. 😉


One Response to “Adventures in RVing: Mike saves us from not-so-certain death”

  1. 1 Dana

    Ha ha………I can totally picture the whole thing! Sounds hilarious!

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