Alert, fellow Ravenchasers: Frauds walks among us!


We take a break from our regularly scheduled blogging to inform you of a disturbing development: It appears that Team Lazlo does not consist of three separate humans, but are actually one unified creature. That’s right, team members Marcus, Lucas, and Karin are all one in the same.

They are kind of like Voltron. Not the cool lion Voltron, but the stupid car-based Voltron that took so many pieces that you had to mow lawns for weeks to save up enough money to buy it, and then when you finally got it together you thought “Where’s the Fellowship? If they could see how stupid this thing looks they would be ticked off too…”

But I digress.

Take a look at the evidence yourself:

  • In the movie Domestic Import, Markus Lucas played the part of a Russian Dancer. Certainly this was a complex role, and was used to practice deception techniques so as not to tip us off to their borg-like nature.
  • Marcus Lucas is also apparently some kind of alien fashion designer, who advocates using religious garb to get one’s game on. Only an alien would think such things. Just look at the drawings in there. Furthermore, if you would take just one look at these “people” you would never mistake them for fashion experts. Long pants at Panama City Beach? Well played, Lazlo.
  • Karin alleges to work at Regis University, a catholic university in Denver where she went to school. However, she is always the designated driver for the team. A catholic who doesn’t drink? Do you take us for fools, Team Lazlo?


Their own blog exposes their plans to wait until the end before crushing the other teams. It seems as though they mean “crush” in the literal sense, as they plan to take over the earth through alien conquest. This explains why we have not seen any meaningful attempt to solve puzzles on their part.

Consider yourself warned.



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