Day 6: The Road to Panama City, kinda sorta


Finally on the Road we headed for Panama City. After making the highway, the GPS reported our estimated arrival time as 4:43am.

Hmmm. Perhaps another plan was in order.

We opted to press on until about 1am, find a hotel, then get some sleep before waking up early to make it to Panama City before the race started. We made it to Lake City, Florida, a little west of Jacksonville. As we approached, I started searching for a hotel that had enough beds for the team.

This is when we uncovered yet another Bloodshot communist plot (I’m not 100% sure on the communist part, but I’m willing to jump to that conclusion). You see, there aren’t that many hotels right off of I-10 as you pass through Lake City, so a simple google search should give me just a few results in the area we wanted.

A Holiday Inn came up right next to I-10, I called, and they had two rooms. $60 each. Sounds great. I sent a text message to the team in the RV with the address. It was then that I realized “wait a second, this hotel says it’s in Kissimmee… that can’t be right…”

I brought google maps up to reconfirm the position, and see what the heck I did wrong. Just then, my phone buzzed with a simple text message from my teammates.


Look, I know it’s late, but the last thing we need to worry about right now is the location of the Fellowship! Let’s stay focused, people!

Back at Google maps, I confirmed that the map was all screwed up. Coincidence? I think not.

Even at 1am I could piece this one together. Only Bloodshot has team members that work at Google, and they were clearly aware of our RV problems, being one of the earlier saboteurs. Our atlas correctly shows Kissimee as being near Orlando.  This map had Kissimee next to I-10.  I realized that what I was looking at was not operator error, nor an anomaly, but an obvious Bloodshot plot.

I also heard that they killed Kenny in an episode of South Park. Those bastards.

The evidence speaks for itself.


We did finally got a hotel, and snagged 4-5 hours of sleep before getting up at six to press on to Panama City.


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