Day 7, Stage 1: Panama City Bea…. DOH!


What happened to Panama City you say?  What happened to Panama City is what we say as well.  We rolled into town with 20 minutes to spare before today’s race started.  Earlier, we were told that Panama City would be a bonus day, with some puzzle games to win time back, and otherwise hang on the beach.

Dreams of renting jet skis, enjoying the water, and getting some reprieve from the blistering sun filled our minds.

Hopes dashed.

During our fiasco trip from Savannah, we were told that today would be a regular race day, and not a rest/bonus day.


But then, when the race actually started, the instructions told us to get in the car, and drive to New Orleans.  There were 9 different driving clues, and after we get to New Orleans, there is a second stage for the day.

So we made it to Panama City, were there for all of 30 minutes, and back on the road again.  Curse you, Goddesh of Richmond.  I want my jet ski funtime!

And that’s where we are now, with New Orleans approaching ever so slowly, and a pile of clues to work through.



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