While eating lunch and waiting for Scott to arrive with the RV, we received an ill-fated phone call. Hmmm… So, it appears as though someone went back to the RV, replaced our “new” tires with these 15 year old ones, in a pathetic attempt to create yet another blow out along the way and interrupt our chances of making it to Panama City on time.

But who knew where the RV was? We did, and our rescuers did: Bloodshot and Fellowship of the Van.

Where’s the Fellowship (WTF)? We suspect they were sleeping soundly, happy to regain some of the karma owed to us from the water rescue.

But Bloodshoot… oh, Bloodshot! You knew where that RV was parked, didn’t you? And you have a vehicle large enough to carry 6 RV tires, don’t you?

Ah yes, Bloodshot, we see right through your shenanigans (or is it seanacies? or seanacles?).

After getting all tires replaced and repairing the fuel lines, Scott brought the RV back to Savannah to be on our way.

But alas, it was not to be.

The RV began overheating due to a cracked head gasket between the repair shop and Savannah. It seems as though someone placed a timer-based mini-bomb in the RV, so as to disrupt us again just as we were ready to depart.

A grand conspiracy is starting to unfold. Clearly, the design and placement of such a device is beyond the shallow skills of Bloodshot, so they must have been working with someone else. Lazlo though they had us with the IED, so clearly it was not them.

Hmmm… A double-cross by the Fellowship? More secret weapons from the hidden lab of the The Millers? Could it be A2 or Lost in Place? Their teams are too small to execute such a complex maneuver.

There can be only one, so to speak.

Yes, Kilts, we are on to you. And the last laugh shall be ours.

You see, we are aware of the history of Scotland. We’ve seen Braveheart at least twice (well, the battle scenes anyway), and in case you missed it, here is a brief summary of this little story.

Scotland, aka “The Kentucky of the United Kingdom” had a few wars with the English in their quest of independence. In the end, the English won, as two key elements played in their favor: (1) they had developed the longbow, allowing them to strike at their enemies from far greater distances, and (2) the Scottish had yet to develop the concept of pants.

We consulted with a local British Pub to get anti-Scottish strategy, and they recommended buying a few t-shirt featuring the British flag, as that is sure to send the Kilts running for the hills. Fear not, we will have our revenge.


Meanwhile, a spirited discussion ensued as to WTF. After a brief search, the Fellowship could not be found and we turned our attention back to the RV. It was decided that 3 of us would head to the airport, rent the biggest vehicle they had, and operate as a chase vehicle so we could rescue ourselves from any future attempts to destroy the RV.

We had a little trouble finding a car, but a quick call to our friends at CTU got us this sweet black SUV, not unlike what you might find Jack Bauer driving around in.


“Jack sends his regards,” the driver said as he hopped out and tossed us the keys. “And don’t forget that torture is always an option.”

Torture, Jack Bauer, William Wallace… Hmmm… I love it when a plan comes together.


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