The Many Talents of EOTCG


When you refuse to let the man hold you down, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. Take, for example, the righteous musical skills of Enemies of the Common Good.

Since we actually made it Savannah before every place stopped serving food (we had at least 20 minutes to spare), we were able to make it to the pub before everyone else left. Even the Kilts were still there. But be warned, Kilts, we have taken note of this pattern of “Race. Drive. Eat. Sleep…. Race. Drive. Eat. Sleep….” Oh yes, we’ve noticed.

It will be your undoing.

It turned out to be open mic night at the bar. Since some of our team members have skills that fall somewhere between, “drunken karaoke night at the American Legion” and, “megastar rock band,” they decided to partake in a couple of songs.

Phil even headed up for a solo after the main group finished. Notice my ability to snag a natural lens flare using just a camera phone. We gots the skillz.




One Response to “The Many Talents of EOTCG”

  1. 1 Voltron

    Just wait for the videos. I’m not sure which computer they’re on, but I’ve been assured they will be uploaded and viewable soon.

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