We were wro…wro…wro… deceived


It has been brought to our attention that, perhaps, the clue involving the “Oh Suzanna” song was actually correct. We want to be honest here, and we can honestly tell you that we did not get the clue wrong.


In fact, we had one of our satellite teams launch an investigation, and there is evidence that Team Lost in Place was actually spotted with a can of spray paint, altering the “i” in “Seanachie” to an “L”. Danger: Will Robinson? I think Danger: Nashville Police. Lost in Place are nothing but a couple of common vandals, willing to deface the sights of your fine city for their own advantage, including precious ones like the advertisement for a defunct Irish pub.

Have they no shame?

But don’t worry. If we find that we’ve actually made a mistake, we’ll be the first to admit it. You can trust us.


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