Ravenchase Statistics



At last, the race is over. We came in fourth place, narrowly missing third place to Fellowship of the Van by under an hour. A $2 plastic ship spray-painted gold could have been ours! Congrats to Bloodshot and the Kilts who came in first and second place respectively.

For our rookie event, I think we did pretty well. If Eno had been able to make it, I have no doubt we could have captured third (the other option would have been to let the Fellowship of the Van drown in the river and beat them that way, but we’re just not that kind of team).

We’re also pretty sure we would have won the “People’s Choice” award for “Coolest Team” if a vote had been taken. We’ve got a lot of ESP skills, and by reading our opponent’s minds, we’re know that they liked us the best. We think it’s our modesty that gives us a real edge for that sort of thing.

Here are the race results:

1. Bloodshot 30:46 (hours:min)
2. Stillwater 32:27
3. The Fellowship of the Van 35:50
4. Enemies of the Common Good 36:45
5. A2 37:55
6. Team Lazlo 38:23
7. Lost in Place 39:11
8. The Millers DNF

And a few other statistics:

Race length: 8 days
States visited: 7 (counting D.C.)
Miles traveled: 2,108 (highway, not counting city miles)
Ham & Salami sandwiches: 18
Tires blown: 2
Fuel Cost: don’t ask
iPhone-to-Treo ratio: 4:1
Favorite City: Savannah, Georgia
Least Favorite City: Atlanta, Georgia
Hours Slept: not nearly enough
Beer Consumed: not nearly enough
Teams we rescued from the river: 1
Teams that rescued us from the RV: 2

Laptop falls from table to the floor: 5
Times a laptop fell on Scott’s head: 1

Times no one bothered to get the power supply from the top bunk, even though the laptop it was connected to had just hit Scott in the head while he was driving: 1

Times Scott got hit with a falling power supply: 1

Times we road with the fire extinguisher in someone’s lap,”just in case”: 2

Imagined runaway RV scenarios attended to by Mike: 1

Toilet pumpouts: 1
Number of jokes Collier made regarding said pumpouts: countless

Number of times the RV’s generator died: 5
Number of times it later came back to life: 4

In the end, we had a great time and it was quite an experience, RV issues and all. We really enjoyed hanging out with all the players (even Team Lazlo, though we hate to admit that). If anyone is looking for our team contact info, just email me at jeff-at-jeffready-dot-com and I’ll send it to you.


3 Responses to “Ravenchase Statistics”

  1. 1 Voltron

    What you didn’t list was how many teams chilled in the RV with you drinking beers in Nashville. People want to know these things, after all.

  2. Truth be told, I wanted to be in that RV. Somebody else make a race so I can play next time.

  3. 3 fearcomplication

    You forgot Number of Inside Jokes: 1,006,082.

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